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JUNE 2022

Next working bee 5th July

I am away at the moment, so this is the briefest of mailouts, just squeaked in before June ends! Our next working bee is Thursday 5th July, 11am at the library, as usual. Feel free to join our friendly group for filling envelopes and chats with our knowledgeable regulars!

Thanks to all our excellent volunteers, keeping the board stocked, writing labels and filling seed packs, and keeping the good ship Seed Library afloat. Thanks to all our seed donors, collecting, winnowing and sharing seeds. You are the best!

From afar I have been reading about the cost of lettuces. The seed library exists to help people grow their own food. All local seeds. All ready to be planted now. So get along to the library, pick up some seeds, and let’s grow a whole load of delicious, healthy vegetables!

This beautiful poem is by Seed Library volunteer Rachael Guy


For the spindle legged spider hurrying, clutching her white egg sack – I pause. Orange pupae unearthed, texture of waxy cochlear or embryonic nub of freshly peeled broad bean – I re-bury you. To the secrecy of nematodes and centipedes, earthworms and earwigs – I am indebted. To the plants I deem weeds, root hairs trembling in air, bruised and broken corms piled in a corner – I offer my apology. For the sweet tumescent zucchini, deep crinkled kale – I give thanks. All that is succulent and filthy, beginning and ending sings here. Mycelium and bacteria, intention and chaos – I am vandal, I am gardener.

-- by Rachael Guy

Copyright (C) 2022 Castlemaine Seed Library. All rights reserved.


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