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 Seeds belong in community, being grown and harvested each season — whether in a community garden, school patch, backyard or balcony. Support us and support your local food system!


Castlemaine Seed Library acknowledges the local Dja Dja Wurrung people as the first inhabitants and the original farmers, gardeners and custodians of the Loddon River lands, where our members live, work, plant, grow and save seeds. We recognise their continuing connection to this land, rivers and creeks and to their rich ancient culture. We acknowledge that at the time of European arrival the totality of the lands that are now known as Victoria were occupied by sovereign Indigenous nations who owned, cared for and enjoyed their land in accordance with their laws, customs and traditions.


We acknowledge, with full respect, the strength and power of all Traditional Owners, Elder, Ancestors, and young leaders who fight to protect and look after Country, Community, Language and Lore in the face of ongoing colonial interruptions and cultural genocide.


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Castlemaine Seed Library supports a Treaty for Victoria.

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Castlemaine Seed Library launched in October 2016. Every year we make thousands of packets with locally grown and saved seed. Providing access to good quality organic non-hybrid seeds to grow good healthy food that is adapted to our local conditions.


Learn how we operate and the importance of our work, browse our resources, read our news and be inspired.


We are a welcoming community group who love sharing, learning and gardening. Join us to connect with a diverse community of growers who nurture local seeds. Get involved today!


Indigenous Seed Project

On 25 March 2023 we launched a range of 10 locally sourced Indigenous Seed species. Raising awareness of the local flora in Leanganook (Mt Alexander Shire)The project creates the opportunity for anyone to experience propagating indigenous seeds and to also learn about the ecological and cultural significance of the plant they are growing.

Visit the project page to Download plant booklets and read more about the project.



Our seeds are located in the Castlemaine Library, which is part of the Goldfields Libraries'. Check-out up to 3 seed packets at a time. Record your loan at the counter and get growing.

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Follow the growing directions on your seed packet. Most of our seeds are locally grown and therefore adapted to do well in our local climate. 



Let some of your plants go to seed. Follow the directions on our seed packet to save some. Collect, dry, clean and clearly label some seeds. Save some for yourself and bring some back to Castlemaine Seed Library.

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We're a library after all! The easiest to return seeds is to use the returns box on the seed board in the Castlemaine library or give them to one of the friendly Library staff. Our team repacks them ready to be borrowed again.

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Donate Seeds

It's the kindness and generosity of local gardeners who have a bumper crop or an abundance of plants that let some go to seed which keeps us ticking. Whether it's common parsley or a rare gem - we love local seeds! Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Broccoli or Poppy we package them up and they all go out on loan!

Clearly label and date your donation. The more info the better. Drop your clean, dry and bug-free seeds to the Castlemaine Library. Or bring them along to a monthly working bee. Contact us for extra details or if you have any questions. 

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Volunteer  monthly working bees

First Thursday each month (exc. Jan) 11am - 12 noon

Location: Castlemaine Goldfields Library 

212 Barker street, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 3450

Come for a chat, donate seeds, make up some packets, share what's going on in your garden while we re-stock the board. 


We're looking forward to meeting you! Just pop along or email us at

A majority of the world’s seed supply is now controlled by just a handful of corporations. It’ll take a dedicated village to keep seeds in the hands of communities.


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